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Protective welding lenses for workplace safety


 Thanks to improvements in technology, welding engineering continues to be on the advance.

This results  in an increase in the range of applications, but also in the range

of hazards for users.

Risks such as UV rays, heat rays and troublesome glare are the essential hazards that endanger a welder‘s

eyes and those  of the people who are directly involved.


AULEKTRO protective welding lenses provide absolutely safe eye protection for all welding processes.

In order to ensure complete protection,  AULEKTRO protective welding lenses are manufactured in two types and 15 protection levels:

• standard protective welding lenses

• metal-coated protective welding lenses

To prevent fatigue, all levels are manufactured in colour shades that are easy on the eyes.

Typesof lenses



  AULEKTRO standard protective welding lenses are used in gas welding, flame cutting, arc welding, metal inert-gas welding of steel

and light alloys, tungsten inert-gas welding, metal active-gas welding, plasma cutting and plasma welding.

Metal-coated/gold shade

 AULEKTRO metal-coated/gold-shade protective welding lenses are used

in the same application areas as the standard lenses, but specifically for high-temperature work because the metal coating  reflects 90% of the heat. (compared with 4% heat protection with the standard protective welding lenses.)

protective welding lenses meet the requirements of the optic class according

to DIN EN 166 and 169.

Protective welding lenses for workplace safety



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